6 Mar

Well, I survived my first month visiting and temporarily working in New Jersey. It was difficult to say the least. Weather may best be summarized as snow – snow and more snow. Work demanded six days a week of my time; but, I am very grateful to have the work. I was able to go out fly fishing on Sunday March,  20th with Sensei Bob, the FFD New Jersey correspondent.

The day was clear, crisp and cold. We fished the Raritan River at Ken Lockwood Gorge. This stretch of the Raritan is a trout conservation area. While there are certain restrictions as to tackle, bait and harvest requirements, this conservation area is open all year long. There is no closed season.

The area we fished was beautiful and had promising water. In my mind’s eye, I envisioned many large rainbow holding behind various rocks, in the depths of deep pools and otherwise lurking in the swirling water. In actuality, it was a slow day for Sensei Bob and I. Despite casting flies that were sure to seduce a trout or two, no such finned beautify fell prey to our feathery offerings. Such is fishing; notwithstanding results, it was a pure joy to be out in the cold, crisp fresh air, in nature, alone with one’s thoughts, or lack thereof. All, in all, a great day.

Here are a few pictures which I hope you enjoy.

Sensei Bob fly fishes under a railroad bridge.

A handicapped access ramp above a deep pool.

Thank-you to Meltzer's Sporting Goods, Garfield, NJ for helping me with my NJ Non-Resident fishing license.

Until the next submission, I remain,

Sensei John

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