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10 Jan

Before you read the report, get in the mood by watching our video of rainbow trout being stocked at Red Mountain Lake, Mesa, Arizona by clicking this  link:

Stocking rainbow trout, Red Mountain Lake, Mesa, AZ

Arizona, Valley Of The Sun, December, 2011, was a busy time here in the low desert. Holiday preparations and (fortunately) work kept me busy and not on the water as much as usual. There were some memorable mornings on the water that gave life to the saying, “Quality not quantity.” The morning of December 10th was a spectacular lunar eclipse that was truly memorable. In addition, several mornings I woke to unbelievable fog that enveloped my fishing experience in an erie aura.

Before I submit this month’s report, I found an interesting quote from Ernest Hemingway which you may wish to, shall we say, “chew on.”

Of course, it could never be considered an equal contest (between man & fish) unless the angler had a hook in his mouth, as well as the fish. But insistence on that might discourage the sporting fisherman entirely.” (See Endnote # 1)

PLEASE NOTE: Unless otherwise indicated, all fish were safely released after being photographed.

LOWER SALT RIVER, Tonto National Forest, AZ

I am always amazed at the way this river changes with its seasonal use and functionality. The summer months see increased demand for the river’s water both for occupational (such as power and irrigation) and recreational use (such as fishing and most notably water float-tubing). After the heat of summer dissipates, flows are severely decreased and the hidden treasures of the river are, I believe, truly reveled. With the decreased flows, river accessibility greatly increased. Equally so, the ability to find and fish otherwise remote hotspots is made easy. Having said that, the decreased river flows can mean that stealth and caution when fishing may be needed.

For a point of comparison, here is a photograph taken in June from a video shoot for my Sanchin For Everyone DVD. (See endnote # 2).

Here is almost the same location this month.

You can see even more dramatic views of the Lower Salt River and listen to John Lennon’s stirring “Stand By Me” by clicking this video link to a promotional video used to promote the Sanchin DVD filmed at the Lower Salt River. Link:

Below is the water flow chart for the Lower Salt River for the month from WWW.Watershedmonitor.Com.

CANYON LAKE, Tonto National Forest, AZ

Due to other commitments, I spent little, if any time at Canyon Lake. As I type this report, I can only imagine the fishing opportunities that I missed. I look optimistically forward t next month and fishing this “big” lake. My optimism is buoyed by the rumor that improvements at Boulder Recreation Area have been completed and the area is again open.



Most of my fishing this month was at this, my favored, Urban Lake. The significance of the Urban Lake system is it’s ready access. Located in every major urban area, the lakes and surrounding parks provide easy and readily accessible access to the beauty of nature and through the stocking program reliable access to fish for the table.

Please see to it that the treasure of the urban lakes is not taken for granted; obey all applicable rules (including respecting areas off limits to fishing), don’t litter (there is nothing as intolerable as fishing debris) and respect the harvest quotas. I too love taking home a catfish or two in the summer months and a trout or two in the winter months. But, respect daily bag limits; there will always be more tomorrow or the next day for every fisherman if limits are respected.

      Trout for Supper    


Here’s a bit of video footage from Water Ranch Lake that I used to promote my Sanchin Kata To Improve Everyone’s Health Campaign. Link:

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I submit this video under the category of “just-for-the-fun-of-it”. It is a video of a Harley-Davidson Electra-glide motorcycle ride through the cotton fields of my neighborhood used as a promotion for my Sanchin For Everyone DVD. Give the following link a click, and “throw a leg over your bike” and come for a ride. Link:

Until the next submission, I remain,

Sensei John

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1. Ernest Hemingway from: Lyons, Nick, Hemingway On Fishing, (Nick Lyons Press, New York, NY, 2000) p. 148, originally published as “the Great Blue River” in Holiday magazine, July, 1949.

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