MARCH MADNESS: Road To The Final Fish

10 Mar

I just received information pertaining to an innovative, fun and worthy contest. It is the “March Madness: Road To The Final Fish” contest sponsored by the good folks at Cheeky Fly Fishing.  Ted Upton of Cheeky Fly Fishing describes the contest as follows:

It is basically a march madness style bracket tournament, except game fish are substituted for basketball teams.  Thirty-two fish have been seeded in a bracket (which you will find on the site), and over the course of a number of matchups, one will be crowned champion based on fly fishermen’s votes.  Individuals fill out brackets by selecting which fish they prefer in each matchup.  The fishermen that pick the most winners will receive great prizes from Cheeky Fly Fishing, Manhattan Fly, Fishpond, The Fly Shop, Montana Fly, Jim Teeny, Fishage, Muddog Flies, Free Fly, Skinny Water Culter and more.

Best of all, 100% of proceeds are donated to Casting for Recovery, Stripers Forever and the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust.

You can read more and enter at:

I completed my form, what are you waiting for? Support various worthy causes, have fun and maybe win a few prizes, a “win-win” situation.

Sensei John

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