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Escape To Rim Country

23 Aug

Summer, 2013, Valley of the Sun, Arizona.

My usual procedure is to upload a monthly fishing journal, but as we say in New York, “Fahged-dahbah-dit” (“forget-about-it” for you non-New Yorkers).

For me, temperatures were too hot (110 degrees and above is enough)and fishing results too sparse to routinely fish. For the first time in almost a decade, guess I’m going to have to wait until things cool down a bit to serious fish again.

To get away from the heat, we took a few trips to Rim Country where temperatures were at least twenty degrees cooler. There were a few items of interest to the fisherman, so, in lieu of a fishing report, I’ll present them here. If you find yourself needing to escape the heat of the Valley, but wishing for something of interest to your internal fisherman, you may enjoy the following.

Tonto Creek Fish Hatchery:


Reminiscent of my childhood when my family would visit the hatchery in Hackettstown, New Jersey and fish the Musconetcong, we visited the Tonto Trout Hatchery and explored the Green Valley Urban Lake in Payson.

I find that no matter how old you may be, visiting the hatchery and feeding the trout calls forth your inner child. It was an enjoyable and educational way to spend a morning.

In addition to the photos below, I also shot some video of the trout feeding and the water effects at Tonto Natural Bridge. You may view the video here:


CIMG4282   CIMG4287


Green Valley Urban Lake, Payson, AZ

This was my first time fishing this lake. As boating is not generally permitted on Urban Lakes, it was strange to see people fishing from a boat.


It is also interesting to note that this urban lake actually consists of three distinct lakes to fish.

payson lake

Fly fishing produced several bluegill and one extremely small largemouth bass. It was; however, very enjoyable to fish in cool temperatures with a pleasant breeze blowing.

Tonto Natural Bridge:


Anyone interested in spectacular scenery must visit this State Park. While it is true that the casual visitor can observe spectacular views from the various observation points, I highly recommend the hike down to the gorge at the bottom of the natural bridge. It is true that this hike is quite challenging, especially the climb back up to the top, but, for those that are physically capable, it should be a “must-do”.  Wear comfortable clothing and shoes, bring plenty of water and get ready to hike. The water effects, pools and rock chambers will not disappoint. One cannot feel a connection to the natural environment – it is a place that we belong in and belongs with us. Video filmed at the bottom of this gorge can be viewed at the end of the trout hatchery video, the link for same is above.

CIMG4140   CIMG4145

CIMG4155  CIMG4143

I hope that the temperatures will break in the weeks to come and we can get back to fishing. In the meantime, may your lines be tight.


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