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   4 ½ A MUST HAVE
Rating using 2011 Rating System:

I recently obtained the Sumo XS Fly-fishing rod (9 foot length, 3 piece, 6/7 line weight) available from tackle discounts. The numerous products, including this rod, sold by tackle discounts are available via their website Many, including this fly rod, are also available via online auctions at WWW.Ebay.Com. My cost of this fly rod, including shipping from the United Kingdom was under $ 65.00 making it a very affordable fly rod.

The Sumo XS 9 foot, 3 piece, 6/7 fly rod.

Tackle discounts website lists the Sumo XS series for 45 pounds sterling (about $ 75.00 depending on exchange rates) plus delivery. The listing and description of this rod by tackle discounts suggests a recommended retail price point of about $ 250.00 British pounds Sterling (around $ 400. depending on exchange rates). The listing also compares the Sumo XS to other noted manufacturers offerings, including the Sage TCR and XS series, Loomis and Grey. Some mighty large company indeed.

A nicely embroidered case is included with the Sumo XS.

I obtained my Sumo XS via an online auction through E-bay. After winning the auction, I received various e-mail notifications and confirmations from tackle discount. The communication was excellent. I expected that I would receive my fly rod within about 10 days after payment was made. To my very pleasant surprise, I received my fly rod in only 4 days. Not bad from the United kingdom to Arizona via standard mail service. I immediately opened the package and found the fly rod arrived in good condition. The Sumo XS is sold with a rod sock and a very nice sturdy rod case. The case is fittingly embroidered with the Sumo XS name and all details of the enclosed rod. The rod itself is in three sections, green in color. The rod guides are nicely spaced and manufactured with care and quality. The only cosmetic flaw was a minor bubble, less than ¼ inch in diameter, in the lamination. I note this only because of the comparisons made in the advertising and listing for the Sumo XS.
With great anticipation, I set about fishing with the Sumo XS. I combined the Sumo XS with my favorite Cortland Pro-crest reel and a 6 weight floating weight forward line and set off for my favorite fishing waters.   I made my first cast and smiled. This rod is a monster caster – a real rocket launcher. The Sumo XS effortlessly laid out long casts with tight loops.

Sensei John wields the Sumo XS.

Lower Salt River, Maricopa County, Arizona.

The Sumo XS nicely presents a delicate dry fly, regardless of the distance the fly is cast. Additionally, on rivers, the Sumo XS facilitates high stick nymph fishing techniques such as the “Czech-style” of presenting nymphs. Whenever a fish accepted my offered fly, the rod responded well and provided a very nice sense of “feel” and connection with the fish at the other end of the line. The Sumo XS is a very user friendly fly rod.
As I have no inclination to spend between $ 600 and $ 800 on the competitors fly rods that Tackle Discounts compares the Sumo XS to, such comparison is not part of my review.

After several weeks of hard fishing, the rod holds up well cosmetically and continues to perform. The Sumo XS 9 foot 6/7 rod has earned itself a place in my fly rod arsenal.

I believe you will not be disappointed wit the Sumo XS fly rod, especially at the price it is presently being sold at. Even better, if you have the patience, try obtaining the Sumo XS via the online auctions available through E-bay.

VIDEO AVAILABLE: To see the Sumo XS in action, you can click this convenient link to view a video entitled


So, why only 4 ½ Torii out of a total of 5 possible. Two reasons. The first I have already mentioned, namely the minor cosmetic bubble in the lamination. Again, given the comparisons made in the advertising, this small flaw must be addressed in my review. Second, after about ten weeks of steady, almost daily, use, the zipper on the rod case malfunctioned. The zipper no longer closes properly. The teeth of the zipper no longer mesh; however, it will still hold the rod case closed. In all fairness, given the time between my purchase and the zipper malfunction, I did not contact Tackle Discounts as to this issue. Further, the rod case was what I consider a “freebie”, an extra, as such, in my opinion it is not fatal to my opinion of the Sumo XS. For these two reasons, I deducted a ½ Torii from my rating of the Sumo XS.

The Sumo XS nine foot, 3 piece, 6/7 weight fly rod is a welcome addition to the Fly Fishing Dojo equipment inventory. I look forward to firing up this monster rocket caster.

Sensei John

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