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Match The Hatch?!?

9 Jun

Recently, there was a bit of “reality t.v.” type drama at the Lower Salt River.

Di and I were fishing in the area of the Phon D. Sutton parking lot. A few yards up river and across the back there was quite a commotion. Through a crack in a rock outcropping, we were able to catch a few glimpses.

On the far bank, a Maricopa County Sheriff on horseback (with guns drawn) could be seen circling back and forth along a short stretch of shoreline. Federal Game and Fish Wardens rushed to find a safe spot to cross the river.

I heard yelling, “Come out now with your hands up!”

Okay, that got my attention.

I half-heartedly fished as I kept one eye focused in the direction of the yelling. In part I was curious, in part I wanted to know when to take cover in case shots were fired. I cast to a cruising largemouth as “bad boys, bad boys, what ya gonna do?” drifted through my mind. Suddenly, the exasperated cavalry officer gave one last warning, “Come out and we can talk, if we come in to get you, its jail!

Di and I now paid more attention to the scene as it played out. Off in the distance, I heard a thumping roar. Soon a MCSO helicopter joined the search. I looked upward to watch as the copter flew in ever decreasing circles.

I couldn’t help but wonder –

hatch helicopter copy

My stream-side notes don’t indicate the fly I selected to match-the-hatch, but I do recall it had a hackle tied parachute style. 👀

A few days later, we were fishing at Canyon Lake. A MSCO officer came by to check fishing licenses. I asked him if he knew anything about the incident at the river. From what he knew, it seems that someone was poaching honey from bee boxes. Not only that but in the driest and hottest week so far, this fool lit a fire for smoke to calm the bees and ended up burning an acre of brush. The poacher is now behind bars pending his arraignment.

I hope you enjoyed this submission. Look for my next fishing journal at the end of this month.

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Sensei John

Sensei John

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