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October, 2012 Fishing Journal

7 Nov

Arizona, Valley Of The Sun, October, 2012, after three months in New Jersey, it was good to return to Arizona late in October. There was only a little over a week to fish, but fishing was satisfying. As such, this report may be a little less detailed than previous reports, but I hope you will find something of interest.

With little time to wet a line this month, most of our fishing occurred at Canyon Lake. We fished in the Boulder Creek Recreation Area and the shoreline along the one lane bridge. Panfish were plentiful and largemouth bass were accommodating when offered a fly or lure.


Because of the timing of our return to Arizona, we were not able to fish the Lower Salt River. Upon checking the internet, the river is returning to winter flows. Below is the water flow chart for the Lower Salt River for the month from WWW.Watershedmonitor.Com

Given the havoc of Hurricane Sandy on the east coast of the country, I thought I would share a few pictures of Sensei Bob’s results fishing various New Jersey rivers and streams prior to the devastation. I’ll see if I can “persuade”Sensei Bob to do a little post-Sandy fishing and advise as to the status of the fisheries.


During our stay on the east coast, myself and film crew created a few karate kata videos on the pristine shores of the Atlantic Ocean on Cape Cod, MA. While not of a fishing genre, you may enjoy a video-visit to this pristine location.

A look back – Circa 1988: Fishing the Bass’in America Tournament circuit

You may also enjoy a rather unique video showcasing a weapon the Okinawa fisherman of days gone by used to stave-off marauding Samurai – the fishing oar by clicking this convenient link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cMRW503DbY

Thought this was “reel” funny.

Until the next submission, I remain, hopeful to spend more time on the water next month,

Sensei John

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22 Sep
OASIS. When one reads the word, one conjures up an image of the standard dictionary definition; a fertile spot in a desert. In actual life, the word leaps off the pages of the dictionary to take on a more meaningful definition. For an enlightened few, the word is used to describe a place of refreshment from the mundane. For myself and my Goshin-Do Karate-Do brethren, the Dojo was such an oasis. It provided not only physical refreshment, but also spiritual and emotional rejuvenation as well. For those that explore the art of fishing, such an oasis exists at the point where water meets the Earth. It is at that point that a man, in search of those denizens that reside below the water’s surface, can be alone with and explore his inner being.
One of my Goshin-Do brethren, Sensei Bob, is an active fisherman. In the past few weeks, he has found such an oasis buried deep within the humdrum urban sprawl of Hudson County, New Jersey. The oasis is the lake located within the boundaries of Hudson County Park. For those willing to visit this oasis, an escape from the mundane can be found.
Fly Fishing Dojo first broke the story of this lake in a post dated August 13, 2010 entitled Breaking (Fishing) News. Since then Sensei Bob has explored the tantalizing offerings of this overlooked and under appreciated urban asset. He has found that there are offerings of largemouth bass that would rival the population of the tourist encrusted bass “hot-spots”. Sensei Bob has also learned that this lake harbors within its depths exotic species of fish known only to those that pursue and subsequently release them. Sensei has personally seen photographs of species of fish caught and released that one would not expect to populate a pristine lake, let alone this urban oasis. Perhaps in the future, Sensei Bob will be blessed with catching such an exotic fish. For now, I submit some of Sensei Bob’s photographs of denizens of the depths of Hudson County’s oasis for your pleasure.



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Sensei John

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13 Aug

7 Pound Monster Bass Caught In New Jersey

I just received a startling e-mail from a Goshin-Do Karate mentor and comrade, Sensei Bob. Not only is Sensei Bob a dedicated Yon-Dan (4th Degree Black Belt), he is also a talented fly-fisherman residing and fishing in New Jersey. Sensei Bob has discovered a dark secret hidden, or even intentionally ignored in Northern urban, industrial New Jersey.

Sensei Bob recently caught and released a beautiful 7 pound largemouth bass. You may ask from what infamous bass producing waters did he catch his monster. Was it the mighty fish producing rivers, the Delaware, Susquehanna, Musconetcong, or Raritan Rivers? No, Sensei caught his bass from a lake. Ok, then, was it the big fish nursery known as Round Valley Reservoir? Or, perhaps Lake Hopatcong, or Greenwood Lake, or a smaller lake, like Shepherd’s Lake? No indeed.
The lake Sensei Bob caught his monster bass in is located in the heart of Northern New Jersey, specifically in Hudson County. This monster largemouth bass makes his home in and prowls the waters of the lake in Hudson County Park! And, this monster bass is not alone! Sensei Bob tapped into his deepest martial skills, and used his courage, imagination, improvisation and concentration to fish in this urban concrete jungle. Sensei’s efforts have finally proven to all those North Jersey-ites that while they work, play and otherwise live the drama of life blissfully unaware of their existence, monster bass lurk and prowl in the midst of their neighborhood.
Please note that, like me, Sensei Bob, more often than not, fishes solo. As such it is difficult to find some one to assist in taking pictures. However; much like the History Channel’s TV show “Monster Quest”, Fly-Fishing Dojo will dispatch a team of journalists, photographers, crypto-zoologists and others to accompany Sensei Bob on a daring return trip to shed light on this otherwise mythical urban legend known as the “Bass and the City“.
Stay tuned, More to follow . . .

Sensei John

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