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Tournament Fishing – Missing From Your Pre-Tournament Preparation – YOU

17 Jun

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Tournament fishing, what a thrill!
Grant it, I never really made the “big” jump into serious tournament fishing, but there was a time when I did enjoy a few local tournaments. In the late eighties, I even fished in a few regional tournaments, part of the larger Bass’in America tournament circuit.

A look back – Circa 1988: Fishing the Bass’in America Tournament circuit

Then, as now, I am struck by the preparation that the most successful angler’s engage in even before putting the boat in the water on tournament day. Without listing every detail from maintaining the boat to sharpening the last hook, the most successful tournament angler leaves nothing to chance. Except one thing – Him or Her own self.

It is very rare that I would see a tournament angler preparing themselves physically or mentally for a long day on the water. Martial artists have long understood the benefits of united their physical self and their mental, emotional, non-physical self to achieve maximum efficiency. Unfortunately, most other sports competitors down play this interplay. And that includes the professional or semi-professional tournament fisherman.

Now; however, that can easily change.

  Drawing upon my almost five decades of karate kata experience, I have created a “Kata For Wellness and Mindfulness” curriculum that will benefit you. The online curriculum allows you to conveniently learn in the privacy and comfort of your own home, at your own pace.

The first course teaches the core movements of three kata: my Ghost Hand Kata, the Three Battles Kata and the 1 Day / 1 Lifetime Kata. this course is the starting point for all students. For a limited time enrollment is FREE! Yup, you heard right – FREE! You may view the entire curriculum and enroll, if you choose to do so with this convenient, secure link: https://kata-rx.teachable.com/p/preview-kata-as-moving-meditation – simply enroll in Sensei’ school and then click the link for the first course – “Course # 1: Kata Core Course.” That’s it – its FREE!

Let’s look at a sneak peak filmed on a beautiful summer day in Asbury Park, NJ:

More information my be found by on my blog: https://senseijohn.me/category/kata-rx-for-wellness-mindfulness/

It was once observed that “The will to win is not nearly as important to prepare to win.” Why not begin the preparation to win? Enroll today! You have nothing to loose.

See you in class,

Sensei John Szmitkowski

For Sensei’s karate pedigree, please use this link: https://senseijohn.me/about/

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