October, 2013 – “Fishing”

10 Oct

With the recent Federal Government shut-down dragging on, I thought I would share of few photos from my fishing trips this week in and around Tonto National Forest, the Lower Salt River, Saguaro Lake and Canyon Lake.

me shut down

   saguaro   CIMG4360

   blue point   blue point-2

dry cast

With the shut down in full swing, I optimistically thought I night try to cast a fly the quarter mile from the gate at Phon D. Sutton recreation Area to the bank of the Lower Salt River – needless to say, my fly pattern was “dry” in more ways than one.

The irony, for me, is that I (and many other users) pre-pay an annual fee to enjoy the use of all of these facilities. Can anyone say, “per diem refund”?

Since the Arizona Urban Lake System (a State system) is unaffected by the Federl shut-down, I will be fishing those lakes for what seems to be quite a while.

Until the next submission, I remain, optimistic

Sensei John

Sensei John


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