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With thoughts focusing on the Holiday Season, I wish you all a very Happy Holiday; may you all find peace, love and joy as you open your hearts to the Holidays.

merry-x-mas fish

Arizona, Valley Of The Sun, November 2012, at long last, despite higher than average temperatures, the valley began to cool down. This can only mean one thing – rainbow trout fishing is back. Get out of the house and wet a line for some fine specimens. With cooler night time temperatures, I am able to enjoy an evening of kata practice under the stars followed by sitting outdoors, fireside with one of my favorite fishing books; Hemingway On Fishing. Here’s one except that put a smile on my face one fireside night:

“Of course, it could never be considered an equal contest (between man & fish) unless the angler had a hook in his mouth, as well as the fish. But insistence on that might discourage the sporting fisherman entirely.”  Ernest Hemingway from: Lyons, Nick, Hemingway On Fishing, (Nick Lyons Press, New York, NY, 2000) p. 148, originally published as “the Great Blue River” in Holiday magazine, July, 1949.

PLEASE NOTE: Unless otherwise indicated, all fish were safely released after being photographed.

LOWER SALT RIVER, Tonto National Forest, AZ

River flows continue to decrease, with one drastic drop in flows as evidenced by the flow chart shown below. I do not know what effect such dramatic changes of flows have upon the fish population; however, I speculate that it can not be favorable.

Phon D. Sutton Rec. Area

Phon D. Sutton Rec. Area

Late fall and winter is always my favorite time of year on the river. Whether fishing is “good” or “bad’ I cannot help but feel connected to this environment. It is a reminder that we, humans, despite our egotistical tendency to believe otherwise, are but one small part of that which is so much larger than us.

On one particular day when fishing was slow, I decided to shoot some video footage for my Sanchin DVD. I was able to catch this footage with a gallery of unusual observers and a few critics; you may enjoy this footage filmed amongst a few vultures by clicking the following link:


This blog is by no means a political forum. I strive had to “bite my tongue” on various affairs within the political realm; even if same pertains to fishing, or the natural environment.

My tongue has enough scars from such biting, and so, it is time to express my views – like it or not.

On November 15th, I wanted to fish one of my favorite spots in the Water Users Recreation Area. Upon arrival, I noticed a sign, which I do not recall from last year, advising that the area was “Closed For The Season.” On searching the internet, I could not find any mention of this. In my humble opinion, this is absurd. These federal lands belong to each and every one of us. We pay our taxes and then must pay a user-fee in the form of a permit or license to enjoy that which WE own. It is absurd and an insult that we are barred from using that which is not only OURS, but also, PAID FOR,  based upon a bureaucratic decision by some anonymous and innocuous little federal drone.

Below is the water flow chart for the Lower Salt River for the month from WWW.Watershedmonitor.Com.


CANYON LAKE, Tonto National Forest, AZ

We visited Canyon Lake a few times with mixed results. Most of our fishing was along the various roadside banks. This is because not only is the fishing pier at Boulder Recreation Area still not repaired (and therefore closed), but the back area of Boulder is “Closed For The Season.” Rather than rant, rave and reiterate my feelings on this state of affairs, please refer to my comments above.


The cooler temperatures mean that Fish and Game has begun to stock rainbow trout on a biweekly basis. These fish are, in a word – magnificent! They are wary opponents, great fighters and provide a good meal. PLEASE remember daily bag limits. These limits adequately provide for sufficient food for your table, and sport for others. Don’t be a hog, respect what we have!


In addition, please note that in one instance, I witnessed a fist fight almost erupt between two fisherman over one’s excessive daily harvest. Apparently one fisherman caught his limit in the morning and returned in the late afternoon to harvest another limit. I know economic times are difficult and the trout are a food source, but let’s not be greedy, leave what’s fair for others, lest we sink into depravity.

As is my preference, I visited and fished Veteran’s Oasis Lake (Chandler), Water Ranch Lake (Gilbert) and Red Mountain Lake (Mesa) with mixed results, save for stocking dates which were fruitful.

Veteran’s Oasis Lake has a “Solar System Walk” composed of various stone markers along the lake containing photos of facts of the planets and celestial bodies.


On one particularly slow day of fishing, I was able to photograph a UFO in the form of a muddler minnow orbiting the Earth (as indicated by the arrow).



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Until the next submission, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! I remain,

Sensei John

Sensei John

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