2 May

Arizona, Valley Of The Sun, April, 2012, after three months of steady work in New Jersey, it was good to return home. I arrived back in Arizona on April 21st. As soon as the bags were unpacked, it was time to turn my attention to preparing to be on the water. New line needed to be put on the reels, an updated annual pass for Tonto National Forest had to be obtained and other small matters required attention. Finally, with less than a week remaining in the month, it was time to get out on the water. Here’s the results of that final week.

Most of my fishing was at Canyon Lake, specifically the Boulder Recreation Area and the shoreline adjacent to the first one lane bridge. Several large bass were seen. Although they followed several flies and lures, ultimately there were no takers. As the day drew hotter, I switched to a # 16 foam ant pattern. This pattern produced a steady stream of palm-plus sized bluegill. Not trophy fish, but, after three months of no fishing, they most certainly put a smile on my face.

By the time this report is posted online I hope to have been out on the lower salt river. There should be one final stocking of rainbow trout before the heat of the summer (and the inevitable float tubers) settle in. Below is the water flow chart for the Lower Salt River for the month from WWW.Watershedmonitor.Com

I am looking forward to visiting the urban lakes in the near future as bi-weekly stocking of catfish continue through June. Sunset fishing for these fish provides not only a great way to end the day but also a tasty few fish for the dinner table.

Here’s a preview of next month’s fishing report with action from the Lower Salt River on May 1st.


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Until the next, more detailed, submission, I remain,

Sensei John


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