20 Mar

FLY FISHING DOJO is a weblog that combines martial arts protocol, philosophy and ideology with fishing. Some of you have wondered, “Is this a new idea?” The short answer is “No.” Fisherman as warriors have existed since the time of feudal Japan.

On a remote, small chain of islands known as the “Ryukyu’s” (of which Okinawa is one island), determined groups of peasants faced the onslaught of a Japanese occupation. The Japanese invaders were composed of the elite fighting force of the era; the infamous and deadly Samurai. The Ryukyu peasants faced the cold shiver of death from the Samurai warrior’s mythic, steel katana (sword) with nothing but their tenacity, ferocity and farm tools to save them. Farmers and fisherman held their heads high as they faced the Shogun’s Samurai.

Unlike the fisherman of today, who pursue the sport for recreation, for the Ryukyu fisherman, life was difficult. He spent long hours each day on the mighty ocean fishing for  a meager subsistence. He paddled and steered his simple boat with a hand-crafted oar. The oar was not only a tool, but also proved to be an invaluable weapon. The humble peasant fisherman was capable of defending himself against marauding bands of mighty Samurai with nothing but his courage, tenacity, spirit and, his oar. Thus, the low-born peasant became a legendary warrior in his own right.

Sensei John wielding the Eaku (oar) of the ancient Okinawa fisherman

From this historical tradition of fisherman as warriors, the idea for FLY FISHING DOJO was born. To pay homage to the humble Ryukyu fisherman-warriors, I have prepared a video showing an example of a Kata (martial arts protocol) of the fighting technique of these ancient fisherman-warriors.

Please feel free to take a look back into a past era by clicking on this convenient link.

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In closing I remain, committed to presenting you with a unique fly fishing weblog and experience.

Sensei John

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