6 Jan



Green Belt – 3- Average (Please refer to the new symbolism in the post below)

The Plano Dry Fly Box is day-in, day-out, my “go-to” dry fly box. It is simple, durable, priced right and functional. The box is both practical and affordable. It retails for less than $ 10.00 in most stores. The box is made from durable, semi-transparent hard plastic. It measures 6” x 3 1/2” x 2”.

Top view - closed position

It has two internal main compartments, each having 10 miniature compartments , measuring 1 1/4” x 1 1/2” x 1”. Therefore, the total number of interior compartments is 20.

Interior view - 1 of 2 main compartments

Each side is secured closed by a sturdy snap-lock mechanism; as such, it is not prone to accidentally being opened, even when dropped.

View of locking mechanism

Given the open unencumbered manner of storing dry flies, the hackles of the flies are not crushed as in the case of foam or similar fly boxes. I find that the open compartment design allows my thick fingers ample room to probe around, find a particular fly and fetch it from amongst its brethren. This is in contrast to an individual compartment design which is found in the “high-end”, more expensive type dry fly boxes. My fingers find that maneuvering to retrieve a fly from these boxes is quite cumbersome. The downside to this type of open compartment design is that it is vulnerable to creating an “artificial hatch” in sufficiently high wind conditions. Having said that, care in using this box in such conditions mitigates such predisposition.

All factors considered, and with particular emphasis on price, function, durability and practicality, this is my absolute favorite dry fly box. Having said that, you may wonder, “Why did the Plano Dry Fly Box “only” earn a green belt rating?” First is the possibility of artificial hatches when carelessly opened in windy conditions. Second, it is somewhat bulky and thus, may not fit easily into some access pouches of a fishing vest. On my part, I prefer a pack over a vest, so this is not a problem for me. Third, it is simply an average fly box that serves the purpose for which it is intended without unnecessary accouterments. In the Dojo, the green belt was the halfway point to a black belt. Thus, the practitioner that wore a green belt was often the unrecognized workhorse of the Dojo. The green belt simply did what he was supposed to do without being overly praised and accepted that status. Thus, for this workhorse of a dry fly box, a more than worthy green belt is earned. I believe you will be more than satisfied with the Plano Dry Fly Box.

Respectfully submitted,

Sensei John

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  1. Leo Kutú January 8, 2011 at 9:16 pm #

    Brother of hooks, Senseijhon:
    Much success with the Blog. I’m waiting on my (
    A hug and …
    An affectionate sapukay.-

    • senseijohn January 9, 2011 at 6:05 am #

      Thank-you for you comment Leo. I will checkout your blog too. If you are on Facebook, feel free to send a friend request. Be well my brother of the hooks.

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