18 Sep
September, 2010 and high temperatures here in Arizona are still in the triple digits. While fly-fishing, you have to stay cool, so, whether you live in Arizona or not, why not look cool too and catch more fish. How?
Purchase your own 100 percent cotton Fly-Fishing Dojo logo short sleeve T-shirt.  Just click the “SHOP” tab at the top of this page.  Official Fly-Fishing Dojo T-shirt 

You may also purchase a logo button, shown above, for your favorite fishing hat, or coffee mugs, beer steins, mouse pads, pillows, teddy bears and other products.

Sensei John

Please feel free to view my other blog dedicated to exploring martial arts ideology and concepts as they can be applied to daily life. You may visit the blog at WWW.SenseiJohn.Wordpress.Com.


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