12 Aug


Revised rating system:

   karate-belt-black  Black Belt – excellent!


Old rating system:

Torri Rating: 4 1/2 – A MUST!




During a routine internet search for flies, I came across the website of Big Y Fly Co. – WWW.BigYFlyCo.Com.

I was very surprised when I checked out their website. While the inventory of flies for sale was quite impressive, my expectations were surpassed when I noticed the prices. The prices are a fraction of what I have seen at fly shops and on the internet. I was a bit concerned that quality would be sacrificed for lower prices. I needed to stock up on a few fly patterns so I decided to place an order. Big Y Fly Co offers free shipping on orders over $ 35.00, so I ordered enough to qualify for free shipping.

The ordering process was efficient and secure. Immediately after submitting my order, I received an e-mail confirmation. Within a day the order was shipped and once again, I received an e-mail confirming the shipment. Such communication is a big plus with me whenever I order product via the internet. I figured that with the free shipping, I would have my order in about a week. To my pleasant surprise, two days later my flies arrived.

The wet flies and nymphs were packaged in appropriately sized zip-lock bags. The dry flies were conscientiously packed in small plastic containers so as to prevent damage to the hackles. An excellent job of packaging.

I immediately set about fishing with the flies. Much to my satisfaction, the flies performed well and are extremely durable. Thus, my initial worry that quality would be scarified for cost was abated. I fly-fish at least four days a week. I have a river and four lakes within 25 miles of my house, so I can drop a line for as little as an hour or two and still be at work on time. I fished Big Y Fly Co.’s flies steadily for several weeks. All flies produced well. Despite the triple digit Arizona heat, I had hooked several average size largemouth bass and, as my grandfather would say, “More bluegill than Carter has liver pills.“

Big Y Fly Co.‘s flies held up well to the constant munching and crunching of little jaws, the grasp of hook removal tools and occasional tangles with aquatic vegetation. In summary, Big Y Fly Co.‘s flies are nicely tied, in effective patterns and very durable.

I recently placed a second order and again, e-communication, shipment and delivery was excellent. In order to meet the $ 35. minimum for free shipping, I rounded out my fly order with a Big Y Fly Co. logo hat. It is almost a given that Fly Shops will sell all manner of logo wear, hats, shirts, apparel and the like. I found it refreshing that Big Y’s website is dedicated to not to clothing, but to flies and fishing (A Blog, Hatch chart and other topical information). Absent is the “buy our over-priced logo product now” ideology. The hat is the ONLY apparel offered. Now, in an era when companies expect you pay $ 15 to $30 for the “privilege” of wearing their logo (including a certain American motorcycle Company’s logo hats and apparel), the name of Big Y Fly Co’s hat says it all – the “Darn Fine $ 7. Cap”. The hat arrived and I concur with the name in all respects!

Okay, so now you will ask, “Why only 4 ½ Torii and not the full 5?” The reason is simple – societal expectations. American society has become indoctrinated to an “I want it now” attitude. After reading this review, you may desire to log onto the Big Y Fly Co. website and purchase a few flies. You may see that a pattern you desire is temporarily out of stock. Being a good American consumer, you will no doubt be gravely disappointed, suffer from extreme emotional distress and have nightmares. Get over it. Big Y Fly Co’s flies are excellent quality at fantastic prices so they will sell out from time-to-time. So to acknowledge this pervasive “I want it NOW” ideology, I begrudgingly deducted a 1/2 Torii. Big Y Fly Co occasionally being out of stock calls to mind an ancient saying derived from Okinawa Karate. I use this saying at the Dojo often to motivate my students. The ancient saying is, “You snooze, you lose“. So, in other words, log onto WWW.BigYFlyCo.Com and order your flies before some one else does. You won‘t be disappointed.

Sensei John

Please feel free to view my other blog dedicated to exploring martial arts ideology and concepts as they can be applied to daily life. You may visit the blog at WWW.SenseiJohn.Wordpress.Com.


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