30 Jul
 On a hot summer morning, a fly fisherman completed an anxious drive to his favorite trout river. He arrived at the river. To his satisfaction, he found that his favorite fishing spot was not already occupied. His anxiety disappeared and was replaced by anticipation. He walked to the bank of the river where the cool water gently swept by a rock filled bank. As the day would be hot, the river would provide a cooling respite, the fisherman did not need his waders. Shorts and wading sandals would do. He would experience the full sensory spectrum of chasing his noble quarry. In the manner of a Samurai warrior unsheathing a sword, the fisherman opened his fly rod case. The eight foot ultra light rod was unveiled and assembled. As the cool, crisp waters of the river churned and gurgled a symphony of nature, he tied a nine foot 6x tippet leader onto his floating double taper fly line. Out of the corner of his eye, the fly-fisherman saw a trout rise. Amidst the sound and wake of the rise, the fisherman added the finishing touch; a fly pattern known as an Adams Irresistible in size eighteen. The fisherman held his rod at his side. In a gesture of respect, he performed his tradition of bowing his head and torso to the river. With one last preparation, he allowed yet another fly-fishing odyssey to begin. There was one other final preparation. Before casting to his gracefully rising rainbow skinned quarry, the fisherman sought to prepare himself physically and mentally for the fulfilling task before him. The fisherman performed a Karate exercise called “Kata”. 

The fly-fisherman understood the physical, mental and preternatural benefits of preparing himself for fishing using centuries old Karate methods. These methods are revealed to Karate practitioners after years of arduous study. The Fly Fishing Dojo Blog by Sensei John will use the category Fly-fish Like A Karate Master to explore these methods so that you too can not only fly-fish with a greater chance of success, but also appreciate an enhanced fly-fishing experience and embrace all that nature has to offer.


Sensei John & Chloe in the Dojo, East Rutherford, NJ

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Sensei John

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