8 Jul


To the newest Blog by Sensei John entitled Fly Fishing Dojo

This Blog will explore the “Do”(pronounced “Doe”) or “Way” of fly fishing. 

There will be numerous topics exploring fly fishing from various standpoints, including BUT NOT LIMITED TO:   

Fly-fishing Do – Fly-fishing as a way of life,  

Fly-fishing Jitsu – or, the Art of Fly-fishing – Concepts, ideology and physical mechanics derived from the martial arts as they apply to fly fishing, 

 Sensei John’s a fly fishing journal,  – Sensei shares his fly-fishing experiences, and  

Sensei John’s Reviews – Sensei reviews various products related to fly-fishing.  All designed to enhance your fly fishing success and experience as you enjoy this wonderful past time. 

Expected start date is August 1, 2010. 

In the meantime, please feel free to visit Sensei John’s Jiriki Kata-Do Blog exploring martial ideology, lessons, protocol and concepts as they apply to daily life. WWW. SenseiJohn.Wordpress.Com.   

July 4th 2010 I was fly fishing on the Lower Salt River, AZ when a small herd of wild horses came down to drink.

Sensei John's offical Hanko seal to be used to authenticate all submissions.


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